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Advantages of using automated broiler breeding equipment

In the process of breeding broilers, there are many advantages of using broiler breeding equipment for breeding work. Let's take a look below.

First of all, the use of broiler equipment for breeding work can effectively reduce the cost of artificial feeding and improve breeding efficiency. Common broiler equipment includes automatic drinking water equipment, automatic feeding equipment, automatic manure cleaning equipment, automatic temperature control equipment and automatic control equipment. Therefore, the use of the above equipment provides more convenience for farmers.



Secondly, the use of the battery broiler cage system for breeding can provide a good growing environment for the chicken house, and the use of this equipment during the growth of the flock can reduce the contact with manure, thereby effectively reducing the occurrence of various diseases.

In addition, the use of broiler cages can effectively reduce the waste of feed, and the use of automatic feeding equipment can feed the chickens according to the usual eating habits of the flocks, which not only enables the healthy growth of the flocks, but also reduces the waste of feed.

The above are the many advantages of using broiler breeding equipment. I hope that after understanding the advantages of this equipment, everyone can arrange for their own farms, thus providing more convenience for their own farms.


Daily management of laying hen system breeding

Doing a good job in daily management, properly breaking the beak of the chicks, preventing the occurrence of vicious habits such as feather pecking and anus pecking, can also reduce the waste of feed, which is helpful for the growth and development of the flock, improving the uniformity and survival rate. Beak trimming is generally performed at night, which can effectively reduce stress.


The laying hen cage system is not all cultured in the cage. There is a process of changing from the ground to the cage. When transferring the group to the cage, you should choose the right time. If it is too early, the skeleton of the laying hen will not fully develop. , the physique is not strong enough, which will affect the egg production rate; if the cage is too late, the laying hens will not have enough time to adapt to the new environment and start laying eggs, which is prone to stress reactions, affecting the egg production rate, and also It is easy to cause the breakage rate of eggs to increase. Therefore, it is necessary to master the appropriate basketing time, generally 3 to 4 weeks before the start of production.


Lighting time and intensity have an important effect on the laying hen's egg production rate. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably control the light time and light intensity. Generally, the light time should be kept at 8 hours a day during the breeding period, 10-12 hours at the initial stage of production, and 16-17 hours during the peak egg production period. It is carried out by the method of natural light and artificial supplementary light, and the light intensity is preferably 2-3 W/m2.



Provide a suitable living environment for laying hens. The characteristics of battery chicken cages are that the breeding density is high, and the metabolism of chickens is relatively strong, the body temperature is also high, and the breathing volume is large, which will lead to excessive relative humidity and excessive concentration of harmful gases, which is easy to cause laying hens. disease. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the daily environmental control work, clean up the feces in time, improve the environmental sanitation in the house, and strengthen the ventilation work to reduce the temperature and relative humidity, and at the same time reduce the concentration of harmful gases. Even in winter, the importance of ventilation cannot be ignored, but attention should be paid to maintaining the relationship between ventilation and insulation. Due to the large temperature difference in northern my country, it is necessary to do a good job of preventing cold in winter and preventing heatstroke in summer, so as to provide a comfortable living environment for laying hens.


Strengthen disease prevention and control. Do a good job of cleaning up the environment and regular disinfection. Strict immunization according to local immunization schedule. Do a good job of daily observation to facilitate timely detection of diseased flocks, timely diagnosis and treatment. For laying hens that are ineffective or lose their therapeutic value, they should be eliminated in time.


How to disinfect chicken houses with poultry cage systems more scientifically?

In the process of raising egg broilers, chicken disinfection is a work that every farmer must pay attention to. There will be pathogenic microorganisms in the chicken house of every farmer, especially when the weather is hot, it is a good period for the reproduction of microorganisms, which will directly affect the health of the chickens. Therefore, reasonable and effective disinfection can provide a hygienic growth and production environment for chickens and reduce the disease rate of chickens. So how can farmers disinfect to be more scientific and effective?



  1. Clean the chicken house before disinfection: Before carrying out disinfection with chickens, farmers should pay attention to the need to thoroughly clean the roof, walls, chicken coop passages, and dust and other pollutants on the automated chicken raising equipment. In order to improve the disinfection effect and save the amount of medicine.


  1. Select high-quality disinfection drugs: When selecting disinfection drugs with chicken disinfection, farmers should pay attention to choosing broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, and strong bactericidal effects, but with low toxicity and irritation, no residue, and less corrosiveness to metal and plastic products. of disinfectant. Commonly used disinfection drugs in the chicken industry include Baidu, Baijie, peracetic acid, sodium hypochlorite, Xinjieermin, etc. The farmers can choose according to their actual situation and local varieties.


  1. Scientific preparation of disinfectants: When preparing disinfectants, farmers should pay attention to choosing deep well water or tap water with less impurities, and pay attention to controlling the water temperature at about 30-45°C. Another very important point is that the stability of the disinfectant becomes poor after dilution with the medicinal water, so farmers must prepare and use it immediately, and use it up once, and the prepared disinfectant cannot be stored.


  1. Selection of disinfection equipment and correct spraying: When choosing disinfection equipment, poultry equipment manufacturers suggest that farmers can choose high-pressure power sprayers or knapsack sprayers. When spraying, they should be sprayed in a circle above the chicken house. The diameter of the mist particles is 80 to 120 microns. If the mist particles are too small, it is easy to be inhaled into the respiratory tract by chickens, causing pulmonary edema, and may also induce respiratory diseases in severe cases; but if the mist particles are too large, it is easy to cause uneven spray and increase the humidity of the chicken house.


  1. Master the frequency and amount of spray disinfection: Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that farmers can choose to bring chickens to disinfect 2 to 3 times a week for their chicken houses. Farmers should not carry out spray disinfection with chickens during the brooding stage, but they can carry out disinfection with chickens after 1 week of age. However, it should be noted that the general spray amount is calculated at 30-50 ml per square meter, the amount of spray for chicks is less, and the amount of spray for medium and large chickens is more.

In addition, poultry equipment manufacturers remind farmers that they should also pay attention to the following issues. If the chickens are vaccinated, the farmers cannot carry out disinfection with the chickens within 3 days before and after, so as not to affect the immune effect. After the chickens are disinfected, the ventilation of the chicken house should be strengthened, so as to facilitate the drying of the surface of the chicken flock and the chicken house.


What are the characteristics of layer cages in automatic chicken raising equipment?

What are the characteristics of the layer cage system? Today, the poultry equipment manufacturers introduce these aspects in detail. You can have a certain understanding and mastery of the layers and other aspects of the laying hen breeding equipment. Let's follow the experts to see an overview of the relevant content.



  1. Small footprint, high space utilization, easy to achieve intensive and large-scale breeding.
  2. The layered cleaning and natural air-drying of chicken manure greatly reduce the moisture content of chicken manure, the utilization rate of chicken manure is high, and the environmental pollution is minimal.
  3. Fully automatic control is realized, which greatly reduces the number of operators, reduces labor intensity, and improves labor productivity.
  4. What are the product characteristics of the laying hen breeding equipment that adopts the fully enclosed breeding mode to prevent infectious diseases?

The above are the characteristics of the layer chicken cage system shared by poultry equipment manufacturers. The use of stacked chicken cages can save poultry breeding time, save manpower, and help poultry farmers to obtain higher income.


The reason why the battery cage system is prone to bending

The battery cage system with reasonable structure and high quality has a service life of more than 15-20 years, and can provide a relatively comfortable living environment for the chickens to ensure the normal production potential of the chickens.

Poorly structured and poor-quality chicken cages will either deform and crack solder joints as soon as the chickens are put into the cage, or they will continue to jam the chickens, or the chickens will be in a state of stress for a long time, and it will be difficult to perform normal production performance. Chicken cages often jam and nest eggs, causing damage to the eggs, accumulating and losing enormously.

It can be seen that the quality of poultry layer cages of automatic chicken raising equipment is directly related to the economic benefits of the chicken industry. Whether it is chicken cage manufacturers, chicken farm technicians, or general individual chicken farmers, they should attach great importance to this. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good quality layer cage.



The production materials of chicken cages require cold drawn steel wires. Inferior steel quality is generally manifested as low steel wire hardness and poor elasticity, which reduces the overall strength of the chicken cage and is easy to deform. For the finished product that has been welded, the quality of the steel wire can be identified from the following aspects: 

High-quality steel wire has high hardness and strong elasticity. Use your fingers to pinch the two adjacent steel wires on the layer chicken cages plate where the distance between the welding points is large. You should clearly feel the elasticity of the steel wire. When the force is moderate, the slight bending caused by the pinching can basically reset itself. , The steel base wood will not be deformed if you use light force. If the steel has a low hardness and poor elasticity, it will produce irreversible deformation if the adjacent steel wires are pinched with a slight force by hand. If the steel wire is severely bent without resetting with moderate force, the steel wire feels almost inelastic, so pick up the cage to make it When it fell on the concrete floor, the voice was short and muffled.

The cage plate made of high-quality steel wire has a loud and high sound on the ground, and the reverberation is long. The steel wire with extremely poor hardness will produce small wavy bends when straightening, which is very obvious from the eye view, and the high-quality chicken cage steel wire will never appear such bends. The chicken cages welded with low-hardness steel wires, even if the solder joints are firm, the chickens will be overwhelmed and bend down severely after being basketed, which can cause water and troughs to deform or break, which is not only inconvenient for management, but even make it difficult for chickens to eat and drink.


How to do a good job of guaranteeing large-scale chicken farming?

In recent years, the rise of large-scale layer farms, battery layer cages have also become the most important equipment in the market. For manufacturers who need to breed layer hens, purchasing chicken cage products has become a key task.

In today's layer cage market, automatic chicken cages products are very popular. Therefore, there are many manufacturers producing this chicken cage product. With the increasing pressure from peer competition, poultry equipment manufacturers also need to do a good job in guaranteeing the quality and performance of chicken cage products. The following article briefly introduces that the high-quality performance of the chicken cage is related to these factors.

The high-quality performance of the chicken coop is related to these factors. The chicken cage should be processed by a new type of hot-dip galvanizing process. The cage made by the hot-dip galvanizing process is completely galvanized, is not prone to corrosion and rust, and can be used for up to 20 years.



Poultry farmers should pay attention when buying poultry chicken cages, pay attention to the tilt angle of the bottom of the layer cage, generally 5-8° is appropriate. Eggs can roll out from inside. In this way, the hen will not peck the eggs and increase the breakage rate of the eggs, but also make it easier for the farmers to collect the eggs.

The choice of chicken cage should be based on the number of poultry in the poultry farm. As a high-quality chicken cage, its size design should be consistent with the number of chickens raised by the farmer, even if the material or other aspects have no shortcomings, if the size is required by the farmer The size does not match, and it can’t give play to the advantages of breeding, so this also warns farmers to choose a suitable cage based on their actual breeding volume when purchasing cages.

The above are the important factors that poultry equipment manufacturers should pay attention to when purchasing chicken cages recommended by farmers. The poultry chicken cage equipment manufacturers who have their own factories know that this matter is simple.

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