Three measures to cool chickens in summer

High temperature in summer is the biggest obstacle to raising chicken. Chickens do not have sweat glands, so they cannot evaporate their body's calories by evaporating sweat. Therefore, we should artificially cool the chickens. The following small series introduces you to several common farm cooling measures.

1. It is necessary to improve the internal and external environment of the chicken house and strengthen the function of cooling and heatstroke prevention.

Try to enhance the insulation capacity of the roof and walls, reduce the solar radiant heat entering the house; set up a sunshade net or awning outside the window to prevent the sun from directly illuminating the flock; keep the manure every day to reduce the feces in the house Heat; improve ventilation conditions, increase the area of vents and roof skylights; do a good job of environmental greening around the chicken house to reduce radiant heat, but also absorb carbon dioxide, reduce dust density, and purify the air inside and outside the house.

2. Take necessary heatstroke prevention measures.

Increasing the wind speed in the chicken house can take away the heat production of the chicken body. If the wind speed in the house can reach 1-1.5 meters per second, the heat stress of the chicken can be alleviated; after having a certain wind speed in the house, it can be sprayed in the house. Use water evaporation to reduce the temperature, but do not spray water in the chicken house at noon, and can not sprinkle water on the ground. High temperature and high humidity chickens are extremely easy to die. Conditional chicken farms can adopt longitudinal ventilation to install wet curtains. It can ensure the safety of the chickens in the summer; let the chicken drink the cool drinking water, the lower temperature drinking water can reduce the heat stress of the chicken, can use the cool groundwater, should put the water at the end of the water pipe in about 2 hours, Make the water temperature inside the water pipe low.

3. It is to use drugs to improve the ability of chickens to resist heat stress.

Vitamin C is the best medicine for heatstroke prevention and cooling. It is recommended to double the amount of summer use. The death rate is severely increased by vc. The sodium bicarbonate and vc can not be used at the same time. The effect can be reduced by using 0.2% of cheap baking soda. Mixing materials to alleviate a series of reactions caused by respiratory acidosis, but do not advocate too long-term use, so as to avoid the rise of intestinal pH, you can use some Chinese herbal medicine borneol and other compound preparations. In the treatment of heatstroke chickens, it is necessary to use vc and must add Zhengda or Pulsatilla powder or neomycin, colistin, lincomycin and other drugs effective against enteritis.
If you choose a reliable poultry equipment manufacturers, using fully automatic poultry farming equipment to raise chickens will help the chicken farms in summer to cool down and moisturize.



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