Techniques for raising chickens using fully automated layer raising equipment

The advancement of science and technology is reflected in various industries, such as automatic chicken laying in the chicken industry is the result of technology. Through modern equipment, scientific and rational aquaculture management can make poultry breeding more profitable. In addition to the automatic laying hen equipment, the high production of laying hens is inseparable from the technology of raising chickens and raising chickens. So let me introduce the key points of using chickens in automatic poultry farming equipment.

1. Pay attention to the feeding of chicks: The quality of breeding chicks during the period of chicks is the basis for the high yield of laying hens in adulthood. Therefore, farmers must master the temperature, humidity and ventilation of the chick room during the period of raising the chicks. It is normal and reasonable for chicks to drink water. Farmers can refer to the article "How to use chicken battery cages to raise chicks" to understand the main points of chick breeding.

2. Prevention and control of chicken flock diseases: Farmers must have the idea of prevention greater than treatment. First, farmers should pay attention to immunization of laying hens, which is more important than the prevention and treatment of laying diseases, which affects the laying performance of laying hens. Farmers should learn to understand the diseases and prevention methods that are easy to eat, and prevent them from causing diseases and losses.

3. Feed for laying hens: Feed is the main source of growth for laying hens, so the rationality of feed ingredients is related to the healthy growth and laying of laying hens. The feed required for the production of laying hens is different at each stage, so the farmers should learn the ingredients that the hens need to feed at each stage.

4. Environmental control of laying hens: Environmental control includes: lighting, ventilation, humidity, temperature and other aspects of the house. Farmers must grasp the time, and must keep warm while ventilating in the cold season. If the wet curtain fan can cool down the equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to the operation rules and time.

5. The house should be cleaned regularly: the laying hens will produce a large amount of manure every day. If the farmers do not clean them up in time, the chicken house will generate harmful gases such as ammonia, which will affect the health of the chickens and lay eggs. In order to provide a good production environment for the chickens, it is necessary to regularly remove the feces, improve the environment inside the house and increase the production level.

It is not an easy task to raise layers, so farmers should be cautious at all times. Otherwise, problems in any part of the chain will make the previous efforts go to waste and affect the economic benefits of the chicken farm.



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