How to save feed when using chicken cages to raise broilers?

Feed costs for raising chickens account for about 70% of the total cost, so if farmers want to save on farming costs, they must start with saving feed. However, feeding is the basic guarantee for the meat yield of broilers. How to save the feed scientifically and rationally is a problem for farmers? The author will share some of the key points of scientific and material saving when using broiler rearing equipment to raise chickens, which can be used by farmers for reference.

First, scientific feeding: 1. Feed the full price feed. The full-price feed formula is reasonable, can fully meet the growth and development of the chicken and the egg production needs, and high utilization rate.

2. Scientific feeding. Although the wet material is good in palatability, it is easy to be wasted in high temperature and waste, and the cold season is too cold to affect digestion. The best way is to change the wet material to dry material and give enough water.

3. Adjust the feed. According to the production environment of the chicken, the various nutrients in the diet are adjusted. The weather is hot. When the temperature is high, the energy, protein and limiting amino acids in the diet should be increased. When the weather is cold, the energy should be increased appropriately. Practice has proved that adjusting feed is one of the ways to improve production performance and reduce costs.

Second, timely debeaking: generally, the debeaking time is 6 ~ 9 days old and 10 ~ 12 weeks old, respectively. The upper and lower beaks are cut off by 1/2 and 1/3 respectively, so that the feed can be eaten without dropping the feed.

Third, the timely elimination of cock: before 21 days of age or after the identification of the elimination of the public chicks. If it is not eliminated in time, it will not only consume more materials, but also occupy more feed area, more manpower and material resources, and also interfere with the normal life of the mother and affect its growth and development. For males and females, the ratio of male to female should be appropriate. Generally, the ratio of male to female is 1:15-20, and that of broiler is 1:9-14. If artificial insemination is used, the proportion of male hens can be increased to 1:30 to 50, thus reducing the consumption of large amounts of feed.

Four, broiler chicken feed line raising good varieties: choose good quality chicken feed line breeding, the same age, the same amount of feed consumption, good quality chicken production performance is much higher than other varieties. There are more than a dozen varieties of high-yielding layers and broilers in the world today.

Five, pay attention to feed storage: scientific storage of feed, will not cause mold deterioration of feed, increase in fat oxidation, pests and mice. Storage should be done to avoid light, clean, ventilation, pest and rat control, once found problems in a timely manner.

The above is the point shared by the authors. The method of using the poultry farming equipment to raise broiler chickens is expected to help the farmers.






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