Increase the key that raises chicken benefit

Chicken and eggs are becoming a necessity for the masses, and the nutritional value of chicken and eggs is very high. If farmers want to get high benefits by raising chickens, they must improve the production performance of the flocks. Improve the efficiency of raising chickens and make reasonable and scientific feeding methods. The authors refer to the experience of poultry equipment manufacturers to talk about the key points to increase the efficiency of chicken farming.

1. Breeding of laying hens and broilers in cages: Nowadays, the chicken industry is in a state of intensive, large-scale farming. The use of cages is the basis for intensive chicken farming, and the use of chicken battery cages to raise chickens can also increase the number of chickens raised for farmers. The use of chicken cages to raise chickens is a multi-layer feeding mode, so the area of the house can be used very well. Moreover, chickens are kept in chicken battery cages for easy management, which can increase the efficiency of raising chickens in terms of quantity and cost.

2. Prepare a well-balanced feed: Whether the feed is formulated properly is directly related to whether the nutrition in the chicken population can reach equilibrium. Only when the nutrition is balanced can the laying hens and broilers be able to perform normal growth and production performance. Farmers need to formulate reasonable feeds according to different breeds of chickens and various types of nutrients required for different growth stages. This will allow a balanced diet for each stage of the chicken's growth.

3. Scientific management of feeding: Whether the health of the flock and the growth and production performance can be properly played have a great relationship with the breeding management of all aspects of the farmers. Therefore, to do a good job in feeding management is to lay the foundation for increasing economic efficiency. There are many aspects of feeding management: environmental management, feeding work, feed nutrition, and disease prevention and regular disinfection work are all things that farmers need to do.

4. Do a good job of disinfection and immunization: Disease is a killer that hinders the health of the flock and hinders the farmers from obtaining high benefits. Therefore, prevention of the occurrence of various diseases has become a job that farmers must do. At present, the better means to prevent diseases is to disinfect frequently, and to immunize the chickens, so these two jobs can not be ignored by farmers, and must be carried out scientifically and reasonably.

5. Reduce stress of debeaking and immunization: debeaking and immunization are necessary in the process of breeding egg-broiler chickens. However, these two kinds of jobs are relatively large to the layer and broiler, easy to cause the stress response of the chicken. The growth and production performance of layer and broiler will be affected. So farmers in debeaking and vaccination, must add antibiotics and vitamins in the feed, in order to reduce the role of stress factors, choose debeaking and immunization time also choose after dark or before dawn, do not disturb the chicken group.

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