Purchase and installation of drinking water system for chicken equipment

In the process of raising chickens, the drinking water system of poultry farming equipment is one of the necessary equipment for each chicken farm. Water is an indispensable substance for the growth of flocks, so the drinker becomes a must. Now when farmers choose a water drinker, they will use a nipple drinker to save water and improve work efficiency. The following author will introduce how to choose the chicken drinking device and what are the points of attention for installation.

1. The purchase of nipple drinkers, when farmers buy drinking fountains, you need to pay attention to two points:

(1) When selecting a manufacturer, do not look at the price of the product first, and pay attention to the quality of the product. Choosing a poultry equipment manufacturer with good product quality and high after-sales service is the basis for the purchase of nipple drinkers. Farmers should also pay attention to the quality of the seal ring, and choose to make it with PTFE. Because the sealing ring of this material has good elasticity, good quality, is not easy to aging, and has a long service life.

(2) There are many models of drinking fountains. When selecting farmers, they should choose a reasonable type of drinking nipple according to the different production stages of the flock. The strength of the chick licking nipple is small, and the nipple with low nipple opening force should be selected, generally about 10g. Adult chicken should be larger, about 40g.

2. Installation of the nipple drinker:

(1) When installing the drinker, the farmer must pay attention to the manufacturer to understand the points, or read the instructions carefully. The installation should be standardized and reasonable, and the water pipes should be straight and ensure that the water supply in each section of the water pipe is even. A water tank should be installed in each layer of chicken cage, and a water level regulator should be installed in the water tank to ensure proper water pressure and water flow in each section of the water pipe. A water filter should be installed at the beginning of the water source to prevent foreign matter from clogging the drinking nipple. The nipple drinker should be installed vertically downwards, otherwise water leakage may occur.

(2) The installation of the chick cage nipple drinker should be based on whether the chick can reach the nipple. It is best to leave an adjustable space to adjust the height of the nipple according to the growth of the chicken. This can not only meet the habit of drinking water from the nipples of the chickens, but also prevent the chickens from reaching the nipples, or the nipples are too low, and the chickens often encounter the nipples and leak water.

(3) Installation of adult poultry farming chicken cage nipple drinker, drinking nipple should be installed in front of the poultry farming chicken cage, between the two cages is appropriate. This will reduce the chances of chicken activity and water leakage when hitting the nipple. Each cage has 2 nipples for drinking water.

The above is the author's description, the purchase of drinking water using poultry farming equipment, as well as some precautions for installation, only for farmers to refer to. If you have a need to purchase a poultry drinking system or have other questions, you can consult a technician at a poultry equipment manufacturer.

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