How to properly use chicken cage equipment?

The use of poultry farming equipment to raise chickens is a particularly popular way of raising chickens in the chicken industry in recent years. It is the laying of laying hens and broilers in laying hen cages and meatchicken cages, which can be easily managed by farmers. Moreover, the use of poultry farming equipment to raise chickens is multi-layered farming, which can increase the amount of farming in the same area. How to use chickens in poultry farming equipment reasonably? The following author will tell you about it for farmers to refer to.

1. Build a reasonable chicken house: use poultry farming equipment to raise chickens, and farmers should build a closed chicken house to ensure stable environment and heat insulation.

2. Reasonable choice of chicken cage equipment: Chicken cage equipment is divided into two types: broiler cage and egg cage according to the broiler and laying hen. Farmers should consider whether to raise laying hens or broilers, and choose the type of cages reasonably, and choose the specifications of each cage according to the area of the house, so as to make reasonable use of the area of the house and play better efficiency.

3. Pay attention to the stocking density: When using chicken cage equipment to raise chickens, farmers should pay attention to the number of chickens raised in each layer, and make regular adjustments according to the growth stage of the flocks to prevent the density from being too small and lead to susceptible diseases. It is easy to cause the chicken to be stuffy, trampled to death, etc., and loses the economy.

4. Pay attention to the hygiene of chicken cage equipment: laying hens and broilers live in cages for a long time, so the chicken cages are prone to residual feathers, feed, and water in the cage. Not only does it produce bacteria that affect the health of the chicken, but it can also corrode the cage and affect life. Therefore, farmers should regularly clean and disinfect the equipment, kill bacteria, ensure the health of the chickens and the quality of the chicken cage equipment.

The above four points are the author's points, the rational use of poultry farming equipment, for farmers to refer to. Farmers who have questions about other chicken cage equipment can consult the technicians of the poultry equipment manufacturer.

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