Selection and use steps of broiler cage equipment

The selection and use steps of broiler cage equipment are shared with you as follows. You can refer to the following suggestions when choosing broiler cage equipment, which is helpful to everyone.

1. Choosing poultry farming cage equipment requires full consideration of geographical and environmental factors, not only its completeness, but also equipment of different materials should be selected according to different breeding stages.

2. For chicken farms, chicken coops are one of the indispensable broiler cage equipment. A good chicken coop can provide a good living environment for chickens.

3. In the selection process of chicken coop, what needs to be considered is the equipment matched with it. Such as drinking water equipment, feeding equipment, and manure removal equipment, can they be used in an organic combination? What a chicken farm needs is a breeding process, not just a function.

The additives can be used after they are evenly mixed with the feed. In order to use the additives safely and effectively, the additives and the diffusing agent are generally fully mixed before use, which is called a premix. It can also produce premix, add compound feed according to the specified proportion and then mix.

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