What type of cooling equipment should be installed in modern chicken cages?

When using modern chicken cages to raise chickens, attention should be paid to ventilation and cooling of the chicken house. Mechanical ventilation is the main method in closed chicken houses and large feeding conditions. Ventilation, cooling, and dust removal are closely related. Only when these are handled can we raise healthier chickens.

There are two main ways of ventilation in chicken cages: longitudinal ventilation and horizontal ventilation. These two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and I will give you a detailed introduction next.



Longitudinal ventilation. If the length of the chicken house is more than 80 meters and the width is more than 10 meters, longitudinal ventilation should be adopted. Because of this, the rationality of the ventilation design of the chicken house is optimized, the installation cost is reduced, and a more ideal ventilation effect can be obtained. In the high temperature season in summer, in order to effectively cool the chicken house, it is usually necessary to install a wet curtain at the air inlet, that is, a wet curtain to cool down. Because the vertical ventilation system of the chicken house has the advantages of simple design and installation, low cost, good ventilation and cooling effect, etc., it has been widely used in contemporary chicken production.

Horizontal ventilation. When the length of the chicken house is short and the span is less than 10 meters, horizontal ventilation is often used. Horizontal ventilation mainly has two designs: positive pressure system and negative pressure system. Although the system can adjust the temperature in the house, improve the air distribution in the house, and reduce wind thief in the house, it has the disadvantages of high equipment cost, high cost, difficult installation, and narrow application range, so it is in production practice. , Used less.

The above are the two ways to cool the chicken house. Farmers can reasonably choose an automated ventilation system according to the situation of the chicken house to help cool the chicken house and create a comfortable growth environment for chickens.

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