What Preparations do you Need Before you Transfer the Hens?

The first step is to overhaul, clean and disinfect the breeding houses and equipment. Adjust the trough and sink to a suitable height during cage maintenance. In the brooding house, the chickens should be disinfected beforehand, and the sick, weak, and residual chickens should be selected and then transferred to the group. The ground flat chicken house should be laid in advance. In winter or early spring, if the temperature of the breeding house is too low, the heating equipment should be prepared and the temperature should be raised to the required standard.

The group should avoid the rain and snow, the winter should be at noon, and the summer should be transferred in the morning and evening when it is cool. When transferring groups, separate the strong and weak chickens while managing the number of chickens. The weak chicks can't refuel and continue to feed the feedstock until the weight reaches the standard and then refill. Injured chickens should be isolated as soon as possible due to environmental changes. Chicken broiler cages.

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