What type of layer chicken cage makes it more convenient for farmers?

With the development of industrial technology, automatic chicken raising equipment has also been updated, which is more convenient and suitable for breeding users. At present, the most widely used is the layered layer cage, which has been used by many users, and the feedback is very good.



  1. The frame of the A-type four-tierlayer cage is generally made of 40*40*4 angle iron welded by hot-dip galvanizing process. The special welding tool used does not need to worry about inconsistent sizes. The bottom of the frame can be additionally supported. After installation, the overallpoultry chicken cages has a high straightness and the stability of the equipment is also greatly improved.


  1. It is recommended that farmers choose a trough made of PVC material, which is resistant to corrosion, and can also adjust the height of the trough according to the size and height of the laying hens. The characteristic of the trough is that it is made into a beveled design, there is no residual material, no waste, and it is convenient for laying hens to eat.


  1. The four-tier battery layer cages is produced by automatic welding of zinc-aluminum alloy wire. The surface of the laying hen cage is smooth and will not scratch the laying hens, and it is made into a mesh type, which can effectively prevent the injury of the chicken feet. The separation net and bottom net of the layer chicken cage are encrypted to prevent the pecking of the feathers and anus between the laying hens, reducing the egg breaking rate of the laying hens and the fatigue syndrome of the laying hens.


The above is the four-tier battery layer cage shared by poultry equipment manufacturers, which is the most suitable for farmers. It has the characteristics of long use time, corrosion resistance, smooth chicken cage mesh, and will not scratch chicken feet. Welcome to come to consult.

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