The automatic layer cage system makes it easier and more efficient for farmers to raise chickens

Many national policies now strongly support the development of poultry farming. The laying hen industry has ushered in new development opportunities. With the vigorous development of the chicken industry, traditional farmers can no longer meet the needs of the market through free-range farming, and more farmers choose the automatic layer cage system to meet the breeding needs.




So what are the advantages of being battery chicken cage systems for layer and free-range?
  1. More breeding quantity

Most of the traditional free-range breeding is carried out by means of enclosures and barriers on its own land, and the number of chickens is limited. The layer chicken cages can increase the number of breeding by more than 100 times on the same breeding area. And the battery chicken cages can improve the efficiency of poultry breeding and meet the needs of modern breeding.

  1. Make poultry farming easier

Free-range feeding, water feeding, and egg collection are all done manually by the breeder. Not only is the work efficiency low, but it is also prone to unbalanced feeding of laying hens. The poultry layer cage system can not only be customized according to the breeding needs, but also realize fully automatic feeding and water feeding, automatic temperature control, and automatic egg collection system. It completely frees hands and labor, and the poultry equipment manufacturers in the breeding equipment industry can now allow two farmers to raise 60,000 chickens.

  1. Compliance with safety standards

Now both the government and the society attach great importance to the laying hen farming industry. Because of the emphasis, breeding safety and food safety are subject to the key monitoring of the state. Farmers raising chickens should not only consider the success of laying hens, but also pay attention to breeding safety. Therefore, the layer cages developed by poultry farming equipment manufacturers all meet the requirements of safe breeding equipment in China's "Regulations on the Prevention and Control of Pollution from Large-scale Livestock and Poultry Breeding", allowing breeding users to use poultry farming equipment to raise chickens with peace of mind.


Therefore, based on the above introduction, I believe that everyone should understand the advantages of layer cage system compared to free-range.

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