What are the Reasons for Feed Waste?

1. Direct waste. Direct waste from chicken farms due to unscientific feed management generally accounts for 5% to 15% of annual feed consumption. Among them, the structure of the trough is unreasonable, the placement height is improper or the filling material is too full waste 2% to 6%, the feed is too fine and the waste is 0.5%, the pheasant and the mouse are 1% wasteful, and the waste is 0.5%, not broken or broken. Improper waste of 3%. Chicken layer cages for sale in south africa.

2. Indirect waste. Indirect waste due to low feed efficiency accounts for 11% to 22% of total feed. Among them, the ambient temperature is too low to waste 4% to 6%, the feather is not completely wasted 2% to 6%, the excessive consumption is 3% to 5%, and the waste caused by parasites and diseases accounts for 2% to 7%. In production, it is necessary to save feed, reduce costs, and pay more attention to the indirect waste of feed. Because this kind of waste is not easy to find in the short term.

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