Precautions for disinfection of layer cage system

Like a lot of poultry farming equipment in the use of the above is inevitably contaminated with dirt and all kinds of bacteria. Even our constant cleaning can't ensure that the surface is clean. Therefore, it is necessary to disinfect the equipment regularly in ordinary use. Today and poultry equipment manufacturers together to see equipment in the disinfection of the precautions.



1, first of all, before disinfection of poultry equipment is the need to eliminate the dirt in the equipment. Because equipment such as the layer chicken cages above the dirt is often more. It contains a lot of feces, pads and other dirt, so when disinfection is to prevent disinfectant and bacteria contact. Therefore, it is necessary to clean up the dirt in the battery layer cage system and hen house before disinfection.

2, because disinfection drugs need to be prepared, so it is necessary to ensure adequate dosage. In particular, attention should be paid not to increase or decrease the dosage of disinfectants at will. And when disinfection must wait until the breeding equipment is in a dry state can be disinfected. Because if it is not completely dried or sprayed after rinsing, it can also affect the effect of infiltration.

3, because disinfectant is not immediately effective after spraying. Give it plenty of time to sit around.

The above is introduced when poultry farming equipment price in South Africa disinfection precautions, only in accordance with the correct way to disinfection can ensure that the full effect of disinfection drugs, and can better eliminate some of the bacteria.

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