How to improve the growth rate of broilers

A battery broiler cages in South Africa was developed for broiler breeding. In order to overcome the broiler chest inflammation caused by hard cage bottom. The battery chicken cages are made of high quality international steel. The cages do not need to be moved before the chickens are sent to the slaughterhouse, which saves the trouble of catching the chickens and avoids possible adverse reactions. How can a broiler cage be used to increase the growth rate of broilers?


In fully automatic poultry farming equipment. We used the broiler cage method, placing 2-3 chickens per chicken in the broiler cage, and then installing a trough and a water tank in the position of the broiler cage. Through the automatic feeding system and water supply system, we can take care of the poultry's diet on time. Ensure that all poultry receive adequate food and water during feeding.



At the same time, they can get plenty of growth nutrients from broiler cages that are made of good quality. Smooth galvanized material, which is good for controlling foot injuries, infections and other problems during poultry movement. When manure is produced, it can be easily accessed from the bottom of the cage to the manure collection device, which facilitates the disposal of chicken manure and ensures a hygienic environment in the rearing environment.


The use of broiler cages for raising, in one way is also good for chicken isolation. Prevent diseased individual poultry from infecting the whole space. Ensure the overall sanitary condition of poultry. Greatly improved production efficiency.


The above is why the battery chicken cage system can improve the growth rate of broilers shared by poultry equipment manufacturers. Please visit our website for more knowledge on poultry farming.


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