What should I do if the hens do not lay eggs in chicken layer cages?

Whether it is a laying hen cage farmer with chicken layer cages, a free-range native chicken farmer that uses both meat and eggs, or an old hen raised in a farmer's home. If the eggs are not laid, it is a great loss for the farmers. To this end, a poultry equipment supplier in South Africa will introduce you to the reasons and solutions for hens not laying eggs.


If the hen is just starting to lay eggs, it is prone to the situation that the egg position is not correct. In this case, the hens will have difficulty laying eggs or not laying eggs. At this time, the chicken farmer should assist the hen in labor.


The specific method is: one person first grabs the hen's wings and thighs, with the chicken's head facing up and the chicken's belly facing out. Then another person smeared vegetable oil on the fingers of his right hand and inserted it into the chicken's cloaca to correct the egg position. And peel off the fallopian tube mucosa covering the egg surface. Simultaneously press the hen's abdomen slowly with the left hand. Press out any remaining eggs.



The above method is a method of dealing with difficulties in laying eggs of hens in the early stage of egg laying shared by poultry equipment suppliers in South Africa. Generally, if the above methods are dealt with in a timely manner in the early stage, the problem of hens not laying eggs can be well solved.


But if the hen doesn't lay eggs and defecates frequently, it may be that the cloaca is inflamed. At this time, chicken farmers should feed oxytetracycline to hens in the morning and evening, and at the same time, they can clean the cloaca of hens with iodine dissolved in warm water. Then turn the hen's anus up, and gently stroke the hen's fallopian tubes to help them return to their original position.


Some chicken breeders reported that the cockscombs are also bright red and plump, and they "lay eggs" in the chicken coop every day, and they will cluck after leaving the chicken coop, but when they enter the chicken coop to see, there are no eggs in it. What is the situation here?


In fact, this is a typical hen yolk peritonitis. The embarrassing thing about this chicken disease is that in addition to false egg laying, there are usually no other external symptoms. Only after an autopsy will it be found that there are yellow effusions and spoiled egg yolk fragments in the abdominal cavity of the hen.


The cause of yolk peritonitis in hens is generally caused by fright. Usually, hens during egg laying should not chase and frighten them violently, otherwise it is easy to cause mature eggs to fall into the abdominal cavity by mistake instead of the fallopian tubes. There are some common types of hens with yolk peritonitis in chicken farmers.

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