The benefits of the Egg Collection Machine

Large-scale farmers need the Egg Collection Machine in poultry farming cage, and the benefits of Egg Collection Machine are not only the liberation of labor but also many other advantages.

First, The material of the Egg Collection Machine on the egg laying machine is the kind of material called polypropylene which we usually see. The purpose of the material is because the material is very resistant to bacteria. Although its surface has not been treated anyly, it still functions as an acid and alkali, and because it does not absorb water, it will not The temperature and humidity in the house change. On the contrary, the Egg Collection Machine of this material will not absorb a lot of dust when working because it has an antistatic material.

Second, reduce the egg breakage rate: in the process of transporting eggs, the laying hen equipment will slowly absorb some ultrasonic waves onto the eggshell, so that the eggs can not be easily damaged during the picking process, and the eggs can be guaranteed. Have a very good cleaning effect. And if it is picked up by traditional labor, it will not guarantee the cleanliness of the eggs, and we need to gently handle the eggs when we pick up the eggs, which will be a waste of time. With the appearance of such laying equipment, It can be said that it is very practical and very convenient.

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