How to improve the productivity of chicken farming?

1. Ring maintenance chicken is the trend: Nowadays, the industry is promoting environmental protection in various industries, and the chicken industry is no exception. Now many pig farms and chicken industry are rectifying their own environment, saving energy and reducing emissions. The pollution of the environment is the development trend of the chicken industry. In the past, the manure water in the chicken farms was flowing everywhere, the flies were flying all over the sky, and the smell around the chicken farms was very unpleasant. If it was not rectified, it would affect the external air environment and affect the impact. People's healthy life, so ring maintenance chicken is a thing to do.


2. Specialized management is the trend: With the increasing degree of chicken farming in the chicken industry, the equipment is professional, and of course the management and technology of chicken raising are constantly updated and upgraded. Only professional people do professional things. In order to be successful, no one farmer will raise chickens to understand water and electricity, and will manage people to see a doctor again. Therefore, it is a trend to hand over every job to a professional person to achieve win-win cooperation and mutual benefit.



3. Large-scale, intensive farming is the trend: large-scale, intensive chicken farming now the chicken industry is vigorously promoted. Many farmers have already used fully automatic poultry farming equipment to achieve a large-scale chicken raising model. Some small-scale households are small in scale, and broiler feeding equipment and chicken-raising technology are backwards. They can't adapt to the development of chicken industry, and the benefits are very small or even loss-making. Therefore, small-scale farmers need to change the current farming situation before they can raise chickens. Win in the middle.


4. Green drug-free chickens are imperative: With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, there are higher requirements for food. Green food is no stranger to us, and more and more people pay attention to food safety, so How farmers produce green and safe chicken products is something that farmers need to consider now, which is related to the economic benefits of farmers and the health of people.

The process of broiler feeding management should be carried out according to the growth stage of broilers. Generally, broilers will be divided into three growth stages, so farmers should adjust the feeding points according to these three different stages, as well as the nutrient ratio and content of feed. Etc., to be scientifically raised, in line with the growth needs and standards of broilers, so that they can grow healthily.

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