What should we pay attention to when using cages to raise chickens?

As people's demands for life are getting higher and higher, the use of chicken battery cages is becoming more and more widespread, especially in the chicken industry. The efficiency of the aquaculture industry is not only related to the market, but also has a great relationship with the chicken farming technology and management. Only the feeding management is good, and the meat yield and quality of the chicken will be better. What issues should I pay attention to?


1. Disinfection: After integrating the experience of the poultry equipment manufacturer, remind everyone. Regardless of whether the cage of the farmer is new or old, the chicken must be thoroughly disinfected before it enters the cage. In this way, the hygiene and safety of the chickens can be ensured, and the flocks can be reduced after entering the chicken coop. Especially in old chicken cages, reasonable disinfection can kill the bacteria brought by the batch of chickens and avoid infecting the chickens, otherwise the impact will be great. In addition, the authors suggest that farmers should be disinfected one week in advance.



2. Strict control of epidemic prevention: Infectious diseases are the key to affecting the health of the flock and the efficiency of the farmers. This is also the focus of the precautions for raising chickens. Therefore, farmers must pay attention to the prevention of infectious diseases in the process of breeding. An effective means of preventing infectious diseases is immunization, so the process of vaccination must be done in the process of farming. Choosing a high-quality vaccine, using the right immunization method, and properly immunizing can reduce or prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases.


3. Control the temperature of the chicken house: Temperature is an important factor affecting the health of the broiler, so the farmers must strictly implement the temperature requirements required for the broiler. Pay attention to the timely cooling in the summer, and pay attention to the work of warming up in the winter. Only when the temperature is kept at a comfortable level can the healthy growth of the flock be guaranteed.


4. Choose the full-price feed: In the process of raising broiler chickens, if the growth performance of broilers is to be well played, then the nutrition of the broilers should be balanced. Therefore, it is necessary for the farmer to select or formulate the full-price feed of the broiler. The nutrition required for broilers at different stages of growth is different, so farmers need to rationally purchase or formulate feeds based on the growth stage of the broilers.


5. Pay attention to the harmless work of the chicken farm: in the chicken farm, some dead chickens and feces will become the root cause of the spread of the disease. In addition, some mice, dogs, cats, flies, mosquitoes, birds and wildlife will become the medium of communication. Therefore, once the chicken house has dead chickens, the farmers must be buried deep. Also note that animals such as rats, dogs, and cats are present in the chicken farm to avoid relaying the disease to the flock.

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