Building type and use characteristics of the chicken house

1 closed house

The closed chicken house is also called the windowless house. It is characterized by the complete manual control of the house environment and the ideal environment of the house. The closed roof of the closed house and the four walls are well insulated, generally no window, completely closed, and the microclimate in the house is adjusted by manual control of various facilities to make it as close as possible to the most suitable physiological function of the chicken, and The lighting program can be determined according to the breed and age of the chickens in the house, regardless of the season.



When the breeding scale is large, the closed chicken house is generally adopted, so as to ensure the stability of the house environment, heat insulation, and not be affected by the cold weather in winter, and small-scale farmers can choose window type from the perspective of energy saving. Closed house, on the one hand, can make full use of windows and vents for natural ventilation or auxiliary mechanical ventilation during the warm season, on the other hand, through the careful design of the external protection structure and ventilation ducts without adding heating facilities in winter It can ensure the proper environment of the chicken house and greatly save energy consumption. In the process of ventilation management of chicken houses, the contradiction between ventilation and heat preservation is prominent. When coordinating the contradiction between the two, it should be clearly stated that the minimum ventilation is required. No matter how low the ambient temperature of the house, the house must be guaranteed. Minimum effective ventilation


2 open house

The craftsmanship of the open house is characterized by an outside connection. The main principle is to better use solar energy to form a greenhouse effect, natural ventilation, natural lighting, due to limited natural ventilation and illumination, ventilation and lighting equipment are often added in production management to supplement the lack of ventilation and illumination under natural conditions. Such chicken houses require strict insulation properties for building materials.


 The chicken house has a simple structure, low cost and low operating cost, and is therefore widely used in hot climates. In the summer, the heat is hot and the weather conditions are bad. This kind of climate is more difficult for the non-sweat gland animals such as chickens, which makes the chicken's death rate increase, the egg production rate drops sharply, and the egg-to-egg ratio is difficult to maintain in a good economic state. Therefore, the problem of summer ventilation and cooling in open house is the main problem that must be paid attention to in poultry cage manufacturer in china.

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