How to start poultry farming business in Ghana?

The poultry farming business in Ghana will enable farmers to achieve high efficiency in raising chickens. In addition to selecting poultry farm equipment, it is also necessary to pay attention to the design of chicken houses. In order to ensure the scientific and reasonable construction of the chicken farm, the farmers must scientifically carry out the design work of raising the chicken house. So how do farmers design healthy farm houses? The following authors will introduce the design elements of the chicken house to the farmers.

1. Geographical conditions: When selecting the chicken farm site, the farmers should pay attention to the key points. Healthy chicken equipment should raise the place where the terrain is high, the drainage is good and the sun is leeward; the place is far from the noise.

2. Water quality conditions: Water is a substance that cannot be separated from the healthy growth and production of chickens. In addition, we must pay attention to the quality of water. It is necessary to choose a place with good water quality, convenient water intake and drinking water standards. And the water source should be far away from the city to prevent pollution; qualified farmers can choose to self-water wells and repair water towers or frequency conversion equipment to ensure drinking water needs.

3. Soil conditions: The soil conditions of the chicken farm are also a very important point. It is necessary to pay attention to the stress resistance of the soil conditions in the area to the foundation of the building. Also pay attention to the soil requirements are not contaminated by infectious diseases, good permeability and water permeability to ensure the site is dry. It is generally preferred to build a plant in sandy loam.

4. Climatic conditions: Understand the meteorological conditions (such as: dominant wind direction, annual average precipitation, annual average temperature, local maximum and minimum temperature, etc.) of the chicken farm location, so as to design and guide production.

5. Power supply conditions: Know whether there is a possibility of dual power supply. If not, you need to bring your own generator to prevent power failure. The principle is: to ensure that power is available at all times, because the more mechanized the chicken farm is more dependent on electricity.

6. Traffic conditions: Generally choose a place with convenient transportation. However, it is necessary to consider the need for epidemic prevention and transportation. Generally, the distance from the main traffic line is more than 1000 meters.

7. Epidemic environment: in order to prevent the occurrence and transmission of infectious diseases in chicken flocks, farmers should pay attention to avoid the residential areas (more than 500 meters away from the village) and the surrounding farms (within 3 kilometers) when selecting the site, to avoid the phenomenon of cross-infection.

To start a poultry farming business in Ghana, the first is to build a chicken farm. The above is the main point of the author's design of healthy chicken equipment for the chickens. I hope that the above can help the farmers to design the chicken house scientifically and efficiently, thus creating a healthy and safe chicken farm. The growth environment. In addition, farmers can consult the professionals of poultry equipment suppliers to understand the layout of the house.


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