About the role of water in chicken feed

Water is also the most important part of raising chickens.



1. The demand for water from chickens can be obtained from unused channels. For example, in the feed, chickens feed through the feed to supplement the body's water. In order to maintain the optimal growth rate and production performance of the chicken and improve the feed utilization rate, it is necessary to clean the drinking water. In general, the amount of drinking water of the chicken is related to the feed. In the case of feeding the compound feed, the water supply of the chicken should be 2-2.5 times of the quality of the dried food and 1.5-2 times of the laying hen.

2. The shortage of water for chickens is continuous. The supply of fresh drinking water must be sufficient. If the supply is not timely, it will affect production and health. When the water loss in the chicken is 10%, it will cause death. The laying hens responded more to the lack of water. The water loss was reduced by 30% for 24 hours and the water was cut for 48 hours. Broiler drinking water 20%-50% will seriously affect production and feed remuneration.

3. Factors Affecting Drinking Water Fresh drinking water is an important way to meet the water requirements of chickens. The amount of water consumed by chickens is also affected by many factors. Temperature is one of the factors that affect the water demand of chickens. The higher the egg production rate, the greater the water requirement. Laying hens drink more water than broilers in poultry farming manufacturer in china.

4. Pay attention to the amount of water supplied to the chicken, and not ignore the quality of the water. Drinking water requires fresh, heavy metal content should not exceed drinking water standards, no pathogens and pesticide residues.

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