Automated farming equipment to raise chicken density

More and more people choose automatic farming equipment to raise chickens. The number of chickens per square meter of feeding area for automatic breeding equipment is called the stocking density. The feeding and drinking position of each chicken is also the mastering density. Missing conditions. If the density is too large, the chickens are crowded, the environmental humidity is increased, the feeding is uneven, the chicks are not well-developed, the disease and convulsions are susceptible, the chicks are weakened, the mortality rate increases, and the growth rate decreases. The small density is beneficial to the survival and growth of the chicks, but it is not conducive to heat preservation and is not economical. The density should be adjusted according to the type, variety, brooding mode, season, age, ventilation status of the chicks. Automated farming equipment cage brooding should be correspondingly increased with age, the density should be reduced by about 30% at 3 - 4 weeks old, and about 15% lower at 5-6 weeks old.




The 1-4 week old egg-type chicks occupy a trough position of 2 to 2.5 cm each, and 5 to 6 weeks of age increase to 5.0 cm each. If buckets are used, 35 chicks per bucket at 1-4 weeks of age and 25 feeds per bucket at 5-6 weeks of age. First-week-old chicks usually use vacuum drinkers, each serving 50 to 70 chickens. If using a sink, the sink position of each 0-6 week old chick is 1 to 2 cm in poultry farm equipment manufacturer


Broilers are suitable for higher density feeding, but they are also subject to specific conditions. Generally, the net raising in the flat is higher than the littering level, and the density of the raising can be larger, the ventilation conditions are good, and the density can be appropriately increased. In winter, the stocking density can be increased by 10%, and in summer, it should be reduced by 10%-20%. Reasonable stocking density can provide chicks with equal opportunities to drink and eat food, which is conducive to improving uniformity. It can also prevent the occurrence of cockroaches such as anus and cockroaches in chicks, and pay attention to air quality ventilation in chicken houses.

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