Reasons for the increased incidence of infectious diseases in chicken houses

With the continuous expansion of the breeding industry, infectious diseases in chicken farms have become an important factor restricting the income of farmers. The following is the reason for the increase in the incidence of infectious diseases in chicken houses automatic poultry farming equipment.

1. The success or failure of immunization is the key to preventing infectious diseases. The immune effect directly affects the occurrence and control of epidemics. Many chicken farms are more irritated, and although they have been vaccinated, there are still cases of morbidity.

2, improper feeding and management, poor ventilation. Poultry houses should be clean and well ventilated, which can reduce the incidence of many respiratory diseases and other conditional pathogens. To solve the contradiction between ventilation and heat preservation, vents can be used in high places or overhead roofs. Blowing to the bird. Another method of ventilation is to open the doors and windows at the same time, and to blow the dirty air inside the house to close the doors and windows with instant ventilation, so that the effect on the chicken is small.



3, poor feed quality. Feed nutrition is not comprehensive or some ingredients are excessive. Insufficient vitamins, trace elements, etc., affect the growth and development of birds and reduce disease resistance in poultry equipment manufacturer in china.


4, health and epidemic prevention measures are not strict, the environment around the farm is dirty, the poultry corpse is discarded casually, and there is no harmless treatment such as deep burial. We must pay attention to disinfection, eliminate the source of infection, strictly prevent epidemic prevention measures, cut off the route of transmission, and do a good job in immunizing poultry.




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