About the temperature control of the house

Good house breeding can prevent the onset of 70-80% of the disease, and together it is the most important guarantee for good benefits. Large-scale breeding of chickens is still the most appropriate and convenient when placed in a battery cage for broilers


After the chicks are out of the shell, the body temperature is 39-40 degrees. 7-10 days is almost normal. In the first 3 weeks, the chicks have poor self-regulating body temperature and are very sensitive to external temperature changes. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on the ambient temperature in the house to keep warm, and the temperature is related to the health of the chicken. Situation and feed utilization. Can't just look at the temperature sensor.


Boiler heating demand is generally common in all places, the temperature difference should not exceed 1 degree, especially the temperature of the plumbing fan is usually too high, sometimes the difference between the warm and stop supply temperature is 5 degrees, pay attention to block. The demand temperature is relatively stable. The temperature is too high, the chicks are easy to dehydrate, the hair growth is poor, the drinking water is too much, the feed intake is reduced, the diarrhea is reduced, and the growth is slow. For a long time, the physical condition is reduced and the disease resistance can be lowered. The temperature is too low, the yolk absorption is not good, the antibody level is low, and it is easy to cause respiratory diseases, and the feed consumption is added together.





In the early spring, the temperature difference between the late autumn and winter is large, so pay attention to the constant temperature control. Too high a temperature can affect weight. If the temperature of brooding exceeds 38 °C and continues for more than 3 hours, it will affect the growth and development of the chicks, and it is necessary to insist that the temperature is relatively stable. This is the key to the progress of the benefits. With the addition of age, it is best to gradually add temperature difference, let it gradually get used to the temperature difference, and improve the habits of chickens for high and low temperatures. Adhere to the temperature difference between day and night, the chicken does not exceed 1.5-2 degrees, the chicken is 2-3 degrees, the big chicken does not exceed 3-4 degrees, and the smaller the better, pay special attention to the large temperature difference change in a short time.


The temperature in the house and chicken battery cages is grasped, and the temperature displayed on the thermometer can be used as a reference, mainly based on the practice of the flock. At the end of spring, summer, early autumn, the temperature difference is too large. When the boiler is heated in the middle and middle stages, try to cool down slowly. That is, adopt a higher temperature in the house, artificially reduce the temperature difference between night and day, or adopt the method of gradually adding temperature difference to let the chicken It is customary to shake the temperature of the low temperature. Do not change the temperature difference during the other moulting period.

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