Why do chickens in cages often get sick?

It is not easy to raise chickens in layer chicken cage . What is the reason why chickens are often sick during chicken raising?


First, what is chicken disease?

1. Chicken diseases can be divided into infectious diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms, accounting for more than 70% of chicken diseases; nutritional metabolic diseases; poisoning diseases; parasitic diseases; other diseases.

2, the causes of chicken disease include the cause, cause and cause of death, the cause is directly caused by chicken disease, the incentive is to promote the cause of chicken disease, the cause of death is the cause of death in the final body failure; the three are closely related, The process of chicken disease is expressed from different angles; in the process of prevention and control of chicken disease, prevention and control should be carried out from three aspects at the same time, and the principle of “cultivating weight in prevention and prevention in treatment” should be adhered to, so that the chickens can be smoothly released.






Second, the cause of chicken disease:

1. The cause of chicken disease

The cause of chicken disease is the direct cause of a chicken disease. For common diseases, the cause basically refers to a specific pathogenic pathogen. For example, the cause of chicken chronic respiratory disease is Mycoplasma gallisepticum and chicken cholera. The cause of the disease is that the cause of Pasteurella and chicken white diarrhea is Salmonella, the cause of chicken white crown disease is the Leptoplasma hominis, etc. After these pathogens are infected, they self-reproduce in the body. After reaching a certain number, they can cause cells and tissues. Organ damage, decreased function, and the involvement of the immune system, the infected tissue has an inflammatory reaction, which in turn causes systemic or local symptoms and signs. Since these chicken disease characteristics are caused by specific pathogens, it is the cause of chicken disease.

2, the cause of death of chicken disease

Most chicken diseases will end in the late stage of animal death. The causes of death are complicated. Pathogenic microorganisms will continuously release toxins during the process of metabolism. Some of these toxins will cause red blood cell hemolysis, and some will cause changes in blood physical and chemical properties. Some cause neurological dysfunction, some trigger the related enzyme activity is inhibited, so the entire body's metabolic function is unbalanced, unable to meet the physiological needs and death, the death cause is mostly caused by the disorder of the function of tissues and organs, caused by the stop of metabolism.


Most chickens now use chicken cages and poultry farming cage equipment to raise chickens. This farming method is more efficient and efficient.

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