What are the advantages of using a chicken cage?

Layer chicken cage is a kind of equipment used to raise laying hens at home and abroad. The reason for the wide application is because the design of the layer cage provides a comfortable environment for the chickens, so that the chickens can grow faster and more eggs during the feeding process, saving trouble and materials. The advantages of the layer cages are mainly reflected in the front net and the cage door. The density of feeding, the angle of the egg, and so on.

Layer cages are divided into deep cages and shallow cages or light, medium and heavy layer cages depending on the feeding process, variety, size and weight of the laying hens.

The comfort of the layer cage is closely related to the design of the cage. The front net design of the layer cage is generally composed of a vertical wire and a few horizontal wires. The vertical wire gap is between 4.5 and 6.5 cm, and the cage door is generally 2-3 wires connected to the front net and opened like inside or outside.

The layer cage uses the advantages of a comfortable chicken cage. The chicken feeding position can be changed arbitrarily and can accommodate more chickens to eat together. The structure is simple, the materials used are small, the installation control is relatively simple, and it is easy to get started. Layer cages can reduce the chance of hens being injured and better protect the feathers of the birds.

The automatic poultry farming equipment realizes automatic management: through the setting of the central control computer system, the automatic management of the temperature, humidity, ventilation, lighting, roller blinds, etc. in the house is realized.

The high-density laminated cage of laying hens has the advantages of saving land, reducing feeding cost and improving labor productivity. It is a new intensive and high-g-feeding management mode for laying hens, which is in line with the development trend of modern laying hens.


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