What are the specific equipment for chicken farms?

In order to do a good job in chicken breeding, it is necessary to master the biological characteristics and behavioral characteristics of chickens, the production characteristics of modern chickens, the types and characteristics of chicken houses, the construction requirements of chicken houses, the incubation conditions and the basic requirements of hatcheries. This article will tell you about the specific poultry farming equipment for chicken farms.

First, brooding equipment

Brooding cages: The brooding stage is the most critical period of the chicken's life. At present, four layers of cage brooding techniques are widely used at home and abroad, and the stratified brooding cages used are electrically heated and not heated.

Second, the cage

The cage is the main equipment for modern chicken raising, and different cage equipment is suitable for different chicken groups.

1. Chicken cage equipment can be divided into: full-step, half-step, multi-layer, composite and flat.

2. According to the geometric size can be divided into: deep cage and shallow cage.

3. According to the type of chicken: layer cage, broiler cage and breeder cage.

4. According to the weight of the chicken, it is divided into: light layer cage, medium layer cage and broiler cage.

Third, drinking water equipment. Drinking water equipment is divided into the following five types: nipple type, hanging tower type, vacuum type, cup type and sink type.

Fourth, chicken feeding equipment, in the feeding management of chickens, the amount of labor consumed by feeding is large, so large-scale mechanized chicken farms use automated feeding systems to improve labor efficiency.

The feeding system includes four parts: a storage tower, a feeder, a feeder and a feeding trough.


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