Precautions for laying eggs in autumn

The advantage of laying hens is probably that you can collect eggs, put the chickens in the poultry cage equipment, and then collect the eggs at a fixed time. If the farmers buy the automatic egg collector, it is more convenient, and the number of chickens is more. If you want to pay attention to some small things about raising chickens, you will not be able to lay eggs, especially in the fall.





1. Reduce the impact of climate change, so that the climate change within the chicken house is not too large, reducing the temperature difference between day and night. When the temperature of the broiler outside the house is too high during the day, the chicken should be driven to the shade or in the pergola. When you are low, catch the chicken.


2, daily management, observe the spirit, appetite and feces of the flock when feeding in the morning and evening. For those who are mentally ill, loss of appetite, and abnormal feces, further isolation and examination is required.


3. Appropriately adjust the chickens, and stop the chickens, weak chickens, chickens with short laying time, overweight or overweight, and the disease-free chickens in time, leaving the production performance, physical fitness, production Eggs are normal chickens in automatic poultry farming equipment.


4, increase feed nutrition, after a long period of egg production and hot summer, the chicken body is already very tired, should feed more animal protein feed after the fall, subsidize the chicken that has not been moulted to continue laying eggs, promote the chicken that has been moulted Rapidly grow into feathers to resume production as soon as possible. Since the nerves of the chicken are very sensitive at this time, when adding a higher nutrient feed, it is necessary to slowly add a slow sprinkle to prevent the nerves of the chicken from being stimulated and the moults to stop production.


5, control density, reasonable grouping, according to age, feeding and ventilation conditions , the general density of ground free-range is 1~20 days old 25~30 per square meter, 21~40 days old per square meter 15~20 only.


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