Chicken machinery and equipment: introduction of feed line for chicken house feeding equipment

The continuous development of modern farming equipment has led most farmers to choose chicken machinery and poultry cage equipment to raise chickens, which can free the labor force and can be managed centrally. Today, we will talk about the feeding equipment in the farming equipment separately.

Chicken Breeding Equipment is use to feed chickens in large chicken farms. With the improvement of feeding level and production technology, there are more and more breeding equipment in the farms. Many farmers have installed chicken feed lines. The chicken feed line is an automated feeding device, and the amount of feed that can be fed can be controlled more accurately, saving costs and thus improving the economic benefits of the farmers.



Main accessories for chicken feed line in chicken farm: The chicken feed line is mainly composed of driving device, hopper, conveying pipe, auger, tray, suspension lifting device, anti-habiting device and material level sensor. Its main function is to transport the material in the hopper to each tray to ensure the consumption of the chicken, and the material level sensor automatically controls the feeding and opening of the motor to achieve the purpose of automatic feeding. The chicken feed line is an automated chicken feeding device that is mainly adapted to feeding broilers and laying hens. It has the characteristics of high degree of automation, accurate feeding control, etc. It mainly consists of material tower, material tray, conveying pipe, auger, motor and material level sensor. The trays on each material line are generally divided into 16 grids, which can supply a normal diet of 50-70 chickens and evenly distributed. It can effectively reduce the work intensity of chicken farmers, save farming costs, save time and effort.


In the chicken equipment, the production and manufacturing techniques of the material line are relatively transparent. We pay attention to the quality problem when purchasing, and choose the reputable manufacturers to avoid buying fake goods, which will not only affect the service life but also cause safety. Hidden dangers. Hope it could help everyone.



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