What should I pay attention to when using chicken battery cages?

The current aquaculture industry is very advocating the use of chicken battery cages to raise chickens, which is also a trend in the development of the world today. The use of chicken cages to raise chickens has a high density and a large number of cultures, which effectively increases the economic benefits of farmers. However, there are still many issues to be aware of when using chicken cages to raise chickens. The following authors will tell you one by one.

1. Choosing the right chicken cage equipment: At present, chicken cage equipment is divided into egg cages, broiler cages and brooding cages for raising chicks according to the varieties of egg broilers and chicks. Farmers need to choose the right chicken cage equipment according to the breed of chicken they are raising, so that they can purchase suitable cages to allow the chickens to grow and produce in a comfortable environment. In addition, we must pay attention to the quality of the chicken cage. We must choose a manufacturer with good quality and good reputation to ensure the quality of the chicken cage and ensure the service life of the chicken cage.

2. Pay attention to the disinfection of chicken houses: Nowadays, the breeding farms of many farmers are getting bigger and bigger, and the flow of people is faster. Therefore, the breeding environment of chicken farms is also easy to become bad, and the pollution of various pathogens is becoming more and more serious. Many farmers may be infected with diseases if they are not paying attention, resulting in economic losses. Therefore, the awareness of sanitation and disinfection in chicken farms must be carefully rooted in the consciousness of the farmers. Disinfection should be carried out throughout each breeding chain, and must not be negligent.

3. Pay attention to the selection of high-quality vaccines when immunizing: Farmers should pay attention to the purchase of high-quality vaccines produced by the national designated manufacturers when choosing immunization vaccines. Do not buy vaccines that are not guaranteed by manufacturers for cheaper prices, otherwise the cost is low. However, the effect is not good. In addition, before the inoculation, each vaccine bottle should be inspected for damage, tight sealing, vacuum in the bottle and whether it is valid. If it is unqualified, it cannot be used.

4. Pay attention to the rational use of drugs: In order to prevent disease between chickens, many farmers give their own medicines to prevent diseases, so that not only will there be no preventive effect, but also the resistance of the bacteria in the flock. The principle of medication is: only preventive drugs can be administered in the susceptible stage of the flock, and the drug should be stopped immediately when the prone period is over. When the flock is sick, the therapeutic dose of the drug is used. Once the condition is controlled, the drug is stopped immediately. Moreover, a drug is replaced once after use for a period of time to avoid drug resistance.

5. Pay attention to controlling the density of chickens in chicken cages: the density of breeding chickens in chicken cages is large, and some farmers are not able to raise the density of the chickens in order to increase the density of the chickens. Excessive density causes uneven growth of chickens, and it also increases harmful gases in the air. Chickens are prone to infection with E. coli, coccidia, etc., and can accelerate the disease. Therefore, in the process of raising chickens, farmers must not greet the amount of farming, ignoring the appropriate density.

The above five points are the precautions for raising chickens in the process of using poultry battery cages to raise chickens. Some precautions are required by the farmers and they are carried out. I hope that the above descriptions will bring some help to the farmers.

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