Novice farmers need to know chicken experience

In the whole process of chicken raising, it is not only relying on poultry breeding equipment and layer chicken cages to improve the economic benefits of chicken raising. It is also necessary to continuously accumulate lessons in the process of chicken breeding, so as to conclude a chicken breeding process suitable for itself, in order to do professional chicken breeding. The author consulted farmers and poultry farming equipment suppliers with many years of breeding experience, and summarized several chicken breeding experiences, and now I will share with you.

1. It is also very important to choose high-quality feed and chicken seedlings, choose the right time to enter the seedlings and do a good job of marketing the broilers.

2.Be sure to make adequate preparations in all aspects before entering the chicken, so as to lay the foundation for the batch of broilers to be released successfully.

3. Strengthen daily breeding management and correct disinfection. Disinfection solution can be used for drinking water disinfection in the later period.

4. Each disease should adhere to the concept of prevention-oriented, the dosage should be accurate, the course of treatment should be sufficient, to prevent multi-use and random use, and truly implement health care.

5. Group in time, maintain good ventilation, maintain temperature stability, prevent colds, and prevent the occurrence of large rods, coccidia, and ascites.

6. Maintain a proper feeding density, preferably less than 8 per square meter.

7. Spray in the hot season to prevent heat stress.

8. To prevent the poisoning of chickens caused by excessive medication, we should also pay attention to the unfortunate mentality of not taking medications in time to prevent the outbreak of chickens.

9. Chicken farmers should communicate with the after-sales in time to report the true situation of the flock and the previous medication situation in order to use the medicine more accurately.

10. It is recommended to use concentrated medicine to drink water before 20 days, preferably after 4 hours or throughout the day. Adult chickens can be used for about 2 hours. Some medicines are best taken in the morning and afternoon, and the reference for drinking water is to drink them throughout the day (20% in winter and 25% in summer).

The above are the ten chicken-raising experiences shared by the author. At the same time, you are also welcome to share your chicken-raising experience with us. Thank you for your attention!

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