Matters needing attention in raising chickens in Broiler cage

Nowadays, there are more and more broiler farmers, and modern broiler breeding uses Broiler chicken battery cage for breeding. In order to make the broiler grow healthily and maximize the economic benefits of the farmers, the following is mainly to introduce some matters that need attention when using broiler cages for breeding.



1. First of all, we should do a good job in the management of chickens. When using broilers to raise chickens in cages, we should separate male hens and new and old chickens, because their growth characteristics and daily habits are different, and if they are mixed, the breeding effect will be affected.

2. When using broiler cages for breeding, it is necessary to ensure that the surface of the cages is clean and pollution-free. During the breeding process, some chicken feathers or chicken droppings will definitely be contaminated on the surfaces of the cages. Once the farmers find out, they should clean them up in time because these things carry certain bacteria. If they are often attached to the cages, they may cause the chickens to eat by mistake, thus causing diseases.

3. In order to prepare full-price influence feed for chickens, the chickens need to be supplemented with nutrients in various aspects during their growth. If there is a lack of certain nutrients, the chickens may be stunted. Therefore, whether farmers prepare their own feed or buy and feed, they must ensure that all nutrients are sufficient.

4. Broilers are lazy by nature, which limits the activity of chickens when they are raised in broiler cages. As a result, chickens often lie prone on the chicken battery cages and do not move, resulting in the occurrence of bursa inflammation and obesity. Therefore, in order to reduce the occurrence of these diseases of chickens, farmers can force chickens to move by beating drums or feed lines in daily feeding management.


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