How to control the environmental temperature of chicken breeding equipment

Today we will bring you how to adjust the temperature of chicken poultry farming equipment, and we hope that through our introduction, you can better understand breeding knowledge.


1. The brooding method of heating equipment flue heating is more suitable for small and medium chicken farms. The flue is built with bricks or adobe. The larger brooding room can use a long flue, and the smaller brooding room can be surrounded by a field-shaped flue. When designing the flue, the diameter of the flue inlet should be larger. The smoke outlet should gradually become smaller to facilitate the circulation of heating and exhaust smoke, and prevent smoke from falling down.


2. Ventilation equipment The airtight chicken house must adopt mechanical ventilation to solve the problems of air exchange and cooling in summer. There are two types of mechanical ventilation: aspiration and exhaust. Aspiration ventilation uses a ventilator to forcibly send fresh air into the house to form a positive pressure in the house and exhaust the dirty air; exhaust ventilation uses a ventilator to The dirty air in the chicken house is forcibly drawn out, so that negative pressure is formed in the house, and the fresh air equipment mainly introduces what enters the chicken house through the air inlet.


3. The water supply equipment can use the hanging tower type automatic drinking fountain. This type of drinking fountain is suspended from the ceiling with a rope through a loop. The top water inlet is connected with the main water pipe by a hose, and the incoming water flows in through a control valve. The drinking water tray is sanitary and water-saving.





4. Fully automatic drinking water equipment breeding equipment. mainly uses troughs. Cage-raised chickens use long troughs. Automated feeding uses feeders and chain feeders for feeding. This feeding method can be used for flat-raised chickens. Feed from the feed bucket. Chicks should use feed trays, and the shape of the trough affects whether the feed can be fully utilized.


5. Lighting equipment currently uses incandescent lamps for lighting. Many chicken farms have installed timers to automatically control the lights on and off instead of manually turning on and off the lights, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the lighting time. Fluorescent tubes can also be used for lighting, and the tubes are directed toward the ceiling so that the light is reflected from the ceiling to the ground. This scattered light is soft and uniform.


6. The egg laying equipment can be used to raise broiler breeders or flat laying hens using double-layer laying boxes. In addition to flat net rearing, breeding chickens often use overlapping or stepped breeding cages. Laying hens are basically caged. The implementation of cage breeding and caged chickens can make full use of space, increase breeding capacity, good sanitation, easy epidemic prevention, save feed, high egg cleanliness, and convenient management of chickens. Small group breeding cages can be equipped with special curtains at one end of the cage to shade chickens. How to adjust the temperature of the chicken breeding equipment can create a quiet environment for the hens to lay eggs.

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