What are the advantages of automatic feeders compared with traditional feeders?

Now many chicken farmers are gradually feeling that traditional chicken raising equipment cannot meet their needs, and are gradually moving from traditional to automatic chicken feeding machines, which greatly saves chicken manpower and time costs. At present, there are many automatic feeding machine prices on the market. It is also relatively favorable, and is favored by chicken farmers. Now let's introduce the advantages of automatic feeders in detail.




1. High degree of automation

The automatic feeding machine of chicken raising equipment adopts the latest material level sensing system, PLC programming control, and high degree of automation. It can realize automatic control of feeding, just simple inspection after setting.


2. Regular and quantitative feeding

The automatic feeding machine of the chicken raising equipment is divided into 6-8 speed gears, which can be adjusted with the growth and development of the chicken, so that the feeding becomes more reasonable and scientific, and the feeding cost is reduced.


3. Large tray capacity

The feed trays of the automatic feeding machine for chicken raising equipment can be divided into 14-16 grids. Each tray can be calculated according to the 16 grids, which can feed 50-70 chickens at the same time.


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