What problems should be paid attention to when using fully automatic chicken breeding equipment to raise chickens?

Nowadays, automatic chicken raising equipment is emerging in endlessly, and many farmers will rely on some automatic chicken raising equipment to raise laying hens in order to improve work efficiency. Although the technology and methods of raising chickens have been improved, some farmers still cannot get good economic benefits. In order to help the majority of farmers improve their scientific management level and achieve better economic benefits, farmers need to pay attention to the standardized procedures of chicken raising in the use of fully automatic chicken raising equipment.





1. At present, the automatic disinfection of chicken breeding equipment is an effective way to ensure the hygiene of the chicken house. Correct and reasonable disinfection can kill pathogenic microorganisms in the chicken house in time. Many farmers do not pay attention to disinfection or the disinfection system is not perfect, and does not follow conventional operating procedures, resulting in poor disinfection effect and poor sanitary conditions in chicken houses.


2. Immunization is a very effective way to prevent infectious diseases in chickens, but many farmers are very irregular in vaccination operations or do not know the correct vaccination method. Therefore, the chicken vaccination failed, which not only increased the breeding cost of farmers, but also failed to achieve good economic benefits.


3. Generally, many farmers lack scientific and rigorous awareness of epidemic prevention when they are in chicken coop farms. When someone returns to the chicken coop, they do not pay attention to ultraviolet disinfection, and enter the chicken coop without changing their disinfected clothes and shoes. This is likely to cause disease transmission media.


4. In the four seasons of the year, seasonal weather changes are great. Farmers should take preventive measures against weather changes. However, many farmers did not take preventive measures when encountering sudden weather changes or other stress factors, which led to the outbreak of chickens. If the weather becomes cold, warm-keeping measures should be taken to prevent air-conditioning from entering; if the weather is very hot, cooling measures should be taken to ventilate the environment.


5. Nowadays, there are many kinds of feeds on the market. Pay attention to the price of feeds when buying, and don't change the feeds at will. Changing the feed will generally reduce the diet of the laying hens, and the egg production will be greatly reduced; broilers generally do not grow long, and the entire group will be seriously ill.


The above are a few issues that farmers need to pay attention to in the use of the fully automatic chicken raising equipment. I hope that the above summary can bring some help to the farmers.

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