Main points of raising chickens in different stages of broiler cages

Automatic chicken cages are now a new way to breed broilers. Many farmers are gradually changing to cage methods. Using broiler battery cages to raise chickens is different from the usual method of raising chickens. Therefore, farmers should learn the skills of caged chickens in time.


In the process of raising chickens. Although the breeding cycle of broilers is short, the concerns of farmers in different growth cycles are different. Only by carrying out breeding management according to different growth stages can the growth performance of broilers be ensured.


A broiler within 14 days. This is the brooding stage. Farmers need careful management. The chicks should be boiled in time after they enter the chicken house. Farmers can add some glucose or antibacterial drugs to the water. Feeding should be based on the nutritional requirements of the chicks. To be less fed and more frequently added.


Two broilers are one month old. This is the middle stage of broiler growth. The broilers of this period grew rapidly. Therefore, farmers can increase feed according to the growth of broilers. It is also necessary to pay attention to the ventilation, disinfection and reasonable immunization of the chicken house. Reduce the prevalence of broilers.


Three broilers are available in 36 days. At this stage, broilers are in the fattening period. This stage is very important, and the quality of the farmed chicken will be good. Farmers will get better economic benefits. Farmers should pay attention to providing high-quality feed and pay attention to the stocking density.


The above is the main points that farmers should pay attention to at different stages of broiler raising described by automatic chicken raising equipment suppliers.

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