What aspects need to be considered when building a large-scale breeding farm

To build a chicken farm, you should first consider whether the local natural conditions are suitable for raising chickens, and determine the breeding scale based on your own economic capacity. How many chickens to raise, clarify the nature and tasks of building the factory, and then construct the farm and plan chicken raising equipment.


When constructing a chicken farm, farmers must plan how many chickens they will raise, the area of the chicken house and the type of chicken breeding equipment, especially when choosing chicken breeding equipment, they must consider fully satisfying the needs of the physiological characteristics of the chickens, so that they can be quickly Grow and increase productivity.


The construction of chicken coops must be reasonable, because it is directly related to the performance of chicken production capacity and the profitability of chicken farming. Therefore, we must pay great attention to the building codes of chicken farms. Farmers should choose to build chicken farms in a dry, quiet place away from the urban area.



Farmers should also pay attention to choosing a place with relatively convenient transportation, because the convenient road will help remember the transportation, the transportation of eggs, and the transportation of chicken manure.


In order to facilitate the prevention of chicken epidemics, farmers' farms must be considered to be built away from lively places such as rural cities, because chickens like quiet and secluded places, and it is easier to carry out epidemic prevention work in the chicken house.


Clean and adequate water sources. The water quality should be clean and pollution-free. It is best to use deep wells or disinfected tap water. Undisinfected river water, pond water or water containing excessive chloride ions should not be used for drinking by chickens.


The above is the automatic poultry farming equipment manufacturers to share for everyone that farmers should consider the site selection, equipment, water source and other issues when building a farm. I hope that farmers can eliminate these issues when constructing the farm.

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