What are the practical ways to prevent chickens from getting sick?

Chickens are most afraid of getting sick. Today, poultry cage equipment manufacturers will introduce in detail three methods to reduce chicken sickness.

First,develop a reasonable disinfection procedure: Because chickens live in the chicken house for a long time, feces, feed, dust, water and other dirt will cause the chicken house to reproduce a large number of pathogenic microorganisms, which will spread disease to the chickens, cause harm, and kill them. The main method of these pathogenic microorganisms is disinfection, so formulating a reasonable disinfection procedure is a key measure to reduce the occurrence of diseases, but it is not enough to disinfect once. It is necessary for farmers to disinfect regularly, and choose a good disinfection method and disinfection drugs. .

Second, do a good job of immunization: infectious diseases are more serious to the health of chickens, and once the chickens become ill, they may be transmitted to the chickens in the entire chicken coop, causing heavy losses. The current effective way to prevent infectious diseases is to treat the chickens. The flock is immunized, so the farmers must do a good job of immunization during the process of raising chickens, and formulate reasonable immunization procedures and methods according to the disease epidemic situation in the area and the actual situation of the chicken coop. This is also how to prevent chickens. The key point of the disease.

Third, use drugs to prevent diseases: For some infectious diseases, most farmers achieve the purpose of prevention through vaccination, while most bacterial diseases rely on the regular delivery of drugs to achieve the purpose of prevention. According to the situation of different diseases, different medication prevention procedures are developed.


The above is the effective way to prevent chicken from getting sick. Farmers who use poultry raising equipment to raise chickens must take measures to prevent chickens from getting sick.

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