What is the future development direction of the chicken industry?

With the gradual increase in market demand for chicken products, the use of automatic poultry farming equipment for intensive chicken farming has become the first choice for farmers to raise chickens, but is this the future development trend of the chicken industry?

In fact, intensive chicken farming is only one of the development directions. Here is a brief introduction to other development directions.

  1. The leading industry of intensive aquaculture. In the past, laying hen farming was dominated by retail investors, and in the future, it will be dominated by large-scale chicken farms.
  2. Automatic chicken breeding equipment has become the mainstream. From human-raised chickens to equipment-raised chickens, it means an increase in efficiency and an upgrade of the industry.
  3. The industrialization of food. The laying hen industry is not a chicken industry, but a food industry. Food safety and brand will become important factors affecting the industry and enterprises. The more closely connected the consumer side is for laying hen companies, the easier it is to achieve a premium for egg products.
  4. Green production. It is necessary to use the concept of green development to promote the formation of a new pattern of animal husbandry development with optimized laying hen production layout, efficient use of resources, good ecological environment, and safe product quality.
  5. The Internet. In the future, the Internet will become an infrastructure like hydropower, ubiquitous, and profoundly affect our lives. The layer industry will also be deeply integrated with the Internet, and the layer companies that take the lead will have an advantage in the competition.
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