Scientifically maintain chicken farming equipment

We all know that there are many benefits to using chicken farming equipment to raise chickens. Reasonable use of breeding equipment can be used for a long time. So what should be done?

The chicken house environment control device is installed on the chicken breeding equipment to realize the reasonable regulation of the temperature and humidity in the chicken house. In order to ensure the thriving growth of chickens, the temperature of the chicken house should be controlled within a reasonable range by the chicken raising equipment.




The temperature control of the chicken breeding equipment requires different temperature requirements at different growth stages of the chicken: the chicken just out of the eggshell needs 32 degrees Celsius to 34 degrees Celsius. Later, as the week age increases, the temperature gradually decreases, that is, it decreases by about 2 degrees Celsius for every additional week of age, and it is advisable to maintain it at 21 degrees Celsius to 23 degrees Celsius by the sixth week. Temperature is related to the healthy growth and feed utilization of broilers.

Too high or too low brooding temperature will affect the absorption of egg yolk, resulting in reduced immunity of the chicks and easy infection of diseases. Too high temperature causes the chickens to drink more water and reduce feed intake. The temperature is too low. To maintain body temperature, the chickens increase feed consumption and reduce feed remuneration.


1. The chicken breeding equipment must work in strict accordance with the safety operating procedures, and cannot be overloaded. The safety and reliability of the equipment must be ensured. If there are unsafe factors, it should be eliminated in time;

2. Regular oil refueling or oil change, no dry friction phenomenon can occur, to ensure that the oil pressure is always at normal filling and the oil path is unblocked;

3. Tools should be placed neatly, and the lines and pipes should be organized;

4. Ensure that all parts of the equipment will not leak oil or air, and clean the surrounding debris.

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