Intensive chicken farming to build that kind of chicken house

Intensive chicken farming has become the main method of modern farming. So what kind of chicken house should be built for intensive chicken farming? I will share it with you today.

The types of chicken houses are basically divided into two types, one is an open type chicken house, and the other is a sealed type chicken house.

Open chicken house: The most common form is a chicken house with windows on all sides, large windows on the south wall, and small windows on the north wall. There is no setting on the south side and sports field. Most of these chicken house are naturally ventilated and light, and the indoor temperature and humidity basically change with the seasons. Due to the limited natural ventilation and light, chicken houses such as production management towels are often equipped with ventilation and lighting equipment to supplement the lack of ventilation and light under natural conditions. The windows of an open chicken house should be set on the front and back walls, and the front windows should be wide and low from the ground to facilitate lighting. The ratio of windows to floor area is 1:10~1:8. The rear window should be small, about 2/3 of the area of ​​the front window, which can be high from the ground, and it is ventilated in summer.


Sealed chicken house: also known as windowless chicken house. The roof and walls of this chicken house are well insulated, and there are no windows on all sides. The indoor environment is adjusted by manual or instrument control. The chicken house adopts artificial ventilation and light, and by changing the size of the ventilation, the indoor temperature, humidity and air composition are controlled. The sealed chicken house has no windows, only emergency windows and ventilation.

House span, length and height: The span of the chicken house depends on the form of the roof of the chicken house, the type of chicken cages and the feeding method. The general span is 6 to 10 meters in open chicken house and 12 to 15 meters in closed chicken coops. The length of the chicken house generally depends on the span of the chicken house and the degree of mechanization of management. A chicken house with a span of 6 to 10 meters, a chicken house with a length of 30 to 60 meters, a large span of 12 meters, and a length of 70 to 80 meters. A chicken house with a high degree of mechanization can be long, but generally it should not exceed 100 meters. Otherwise, the manufacture and installation of mechanical equipment are difficult, and the materials are difficult to solve.

The height of the chicken house depends on the feeding method, manure removal method, span and climatic conditions. In areas with small spans, dry maintenance and low heat, the chicken house does not need to be too high. Generally, the eaves of the chicken house are large with a span of 2.0 to 2.5 meters. For multi-layer cages, the height of the chicken house is about 3 meters. Or the uppermost chicken coop is 1~1.5 meters away from the roof, which is a suitable high-bed closed chicken house. The lower part is equipped with a manure pit with a height of 4.5~5 meters (1.8~2 meters higher than ordinary chicken houses).

The above is the type of chicken house that needs to be built for intensive chicken farming. Regardless of the type of chicken house, farmers need to purchase automatic poultry farming equipment.

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