How does the layer cage system help farmers develop poultry industry

As long as you ask the farmers who have used the layer cage system how they feel about raising chickens, he will definitely tell you that it is too convenient. So what makes poultry farming equipment popular among farmers?

Guaranteed chicken survival rate. Farmers are very aware that to carry out poultry breeding projects is to make more profits by raising chickens. If the survival rate of chickens cannot be guaranteed, breeding will not be profitable. The poultry equipment system can better manage and care for the chickens and ensure the survival rate of the chickens. In addition, when buying chicken fry, farmers need to go to a regular factory to choose high-quality chicken fry.



Increase the laying rate of laying hens. The aquaculture industry is a relatively complex industry. If you want to increase the egg laying rate, you must meet the daily needs of laying hens and provide adequate nutrition. If the farmers use the automatic egg collection system, the egg breakage rate is 0.3%.

Reduce the breakage rate of eggs. If farmers use manual egg picking, not only will they need to hire staff to increase their expenditure, but it will also increase the chance of egg breaking. If an automatic egg collection system is used, the breakage rate of the egg collection is very small, and workers are no longer required to pick up eggs.

The above is where the automatic layer cage system helps farmers in poultry farming. Hope that through the above introduction, can help farmers to have more understanding of poultry farming equipment.

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