How to do a good job of guaranteeing large-scale chicken farming?

In recent years, the rise of large-scale layer farms, battery layer cages have also become the most important equipment in the market. For manufacturers who need to breed layer hens, purchasing chicken cage products has become a key task.

In today's layer cage market, automatic chicken cages products are very popular. Therefore, there are many manufacturers producing this chicken cage product. With the increasing pressure from peer competition, poultry equipment manufacturers also need to do a good job in guaranteeing the quality and performance of chicken cage products. The following article briefly introduces that the high-quality performance of the chicken cage is related to these factors.

The high-quality performance of the chicken coop is related to these factors. The chicken cage should be processed by a new type of hot-dip galvanizing process. The cage made by the hot-dip galvanizing process is completely galvanized, is not prone to corrosion and rust, and can be used for up to 20 years.



Poultry farmers should pay attention when buying poultry chicken cages, pay attention to the tilt angle of the bottom of the layer cage, generally 5-8° is appropriate. Eggs can roll out from inside. In this way, the hen will not peck the eggs and increase the breakage rate of the eggs, but also make it easier for the farmers to collect the eggs.

The choice of chicken cage should be based on the number of poultry in the poultry farm. As a high-quality chicken cage, its size design should be consistent with the number of chickens raised by the farmer, even if the material or other aspects have no shortcomings, if the size is required by the farmer The size does not match, and it can’t give play to the advantages of breeding, so this also warns farmers to choose a suitable cage based on their actual breeding volume when purchasing cages.

The above are the important factors that poultry equipment manufacturers should pay attention to when purchasing chicken cages recommended by farmers. The poultry chicken cage equipment manufacturers who have their own factories know that this matter is simple.

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