6 Tips for Keeping Chickens Alive in Automatic Battery Cage System

Nowadays, with the popularity of automatic battery cage systems for raising chickens. The use of automated poultry chicken farming equipment to develop the poultry industry. How the Yang chicken has a high survival rate in the breeding process is what farmers have always wanted to know. Because only when the survival rate is high, farmers can get benefits. The following chicken farm equipment manufacturers will introduce 6 points for the majority of farmers to make chickens have a high survival rate.



  1. Create a comfortable growing temperature. The temperature of the chicken house that farmers control during the feeding process is very important to the growth and survival rate of the flock, especially the management of the temperature of the chicken house. When the ambient temperature mutates, it will cause the metabolic disorder of the chicken body, the inhibition of immunity, and even death when it exceeds a certain limit. Therefore, controlling the temperature is very important for the growth and survival rate of the flock. Farmers should pay attention to reasonable control according to the temperature required for laying broilers and different growth stages.
  2. Buy chicken cage from chicken farm equipment equipment manufacturer. The development of intensive farming is inseparable from automated poultry farming equipment, which can realize automatic feeding, drinking, manure cleaning, egg collection, environmental control, etc. Chickens get the best care. Reduce mortality.
  3. Do a good job in drug prevention. To improve the survival rate of the flock is to reduce the disease rate of the flock. Therefore, prevention work in all aspects is very important. Pharmacological prevention is critical. Most bacterial diseases rely on the regular delivery of drugs to achieve the purpose of prevention.
  4. To do a good job of chicken farm immunity. Immunization should pay attention to reducing chicken sickness. Automated drinking systems can now help poultry equipment immunize. Chickens can do it by drinking water.
  5. Configure feed according to nutritional standards. As long as the chickens meet the standard feed nutrition, the normal growth and survival rate of the chickens can be guaranteed. Therefore, farmers should choose reasonable feed ingredients according to the nutritional needs of egg broilers at different stages. And pay attention to the quality of the feed, the feed raw materials are required to be fresh and mildew-free, and pay attention to the storage of the feed.
  6. Do a good job in the ventilation of the chicken house. Ammonia, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases in the chicken house will seriously affect the health of the flock and reduce the survival rate of the flock. Reasonable and effective ventilation can remove harmful gases from the house and provide fresh air for the house. Therefore, the ventilation of the chicken house is very important, especially when raising in winter, farmers should not just think about keeping warm. It is necessary to do a good job of cold protection and heat preservation, but also pay attention to ventilation.

The above 6 points are the methods and methods shared by chicken farm equipment manufacturers to promote the survival rate of chickens. Hope the above 6 tips can help poultry farmers to better carry out poultry projects.


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