How much do you know about layer cage equipment?

Layer cage equipment is an integral part of modern laying hen farms. Sometimes they are called chicken coops. But now "A" and "H" layer battery cages price are the newest laying hen cages for poultry farms! Stacked layer cages are mainly used in poultry farms.


Project prospect -battery chicken cage for layer

Battery layer cages have become a trend and a commercial tool. With the development of science and technology, these modern poultry farms are introducing various modern equipment to raise laying hens. People can cut costs and reduce disease in chickens by being more advanced! For example, replacing the traditional galvanizing process with electrostatic painting technology, replacing workers with automated equipment, etc. Despite the increasing upfront investment costs, these modern methods will help us prevent laying diseases as much as possible! Well, if you want to keep raising laying hens but don't quite know how to choose laying hen cage, or where to chicken cages for sale in Kenya and automation equipment for your farm, you can call us, or send us an email,



How to choose the right layer cage equipment

Do you have your own chicken farm? How many laying hens are you planning to breed? How big is your chicken farm? Or how much are you going to put in the chicken farm? These questions determine which type of layer cage you should buy. So, how to choose the right battery for laying hens?

First of all, we all know that layer cage equipment will be used in chicken farms. If you want to continue raising laying hens, you must confirm how many days you bought to raise laying hens. Because you need to consider whether you need to buy a chicken cage. Of course, we have the best chicken farm for sale!

Second, how much are you going to spend on cage chickens? This is important. This determines how big a chicken farm you can build.

Third, the amount of breeding needs to be considered! This is a very important question for you! We will provide you with the best procurement items according to your requirements! For example, Type "A" - 3 floors with 4 doors, holds 96 pieces. In addition, you have poultry farms, if any, the number of farms has been determined. If not, we will also help you design your chicken farm.


Well, if you still have questions about how to choose your layer cage equipment, send us an inquiry now!

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