How Ghanaian Farmers Buy Battery Layer Cages?


In recent years, poultry farming in Ghana has been supported by the government and society, and has a good poultry farming environment. Many farmers are willing to use poultry equipment to join the chicken industry. So what points should farmers pay attention to when know battery layer cages price in Ghana:



  1. The distance between the iron bars of the layerhen cage. This indicator of the layer chickencage is very important. A reasonable distance is 2.5cm*5cm. Some farmers may think that the number of layers is relatively large, which can increase the distance. This idea is wrong. Conditional farmers can also lay a plastic net at the bottom of the laying hen cage that is consistent with the cage eyes, which can not only buffer the strength of the eggs hitting the net, reduce the egg breaking rate, but also prevent some diseases. .


  1. The design angle of the egg roll at the bottom of the layer chicken cages. The angle of the cage must be accurate. The small angle could not push the egg in time and was trampled by the chicken. Large angles may cause the eggs to crack. The general angle should be kept at seven. to an octave.


  1. Pay attention to the connection between the battery layercagein Ghana and the bottom of the cage net. I must remind everyone here that there should not be too many gaps here, because there are more ground eggs here. Be sure to pay attention to this detail when purchasing a layer cage.


  1. Material selection of layer battery cage. The material selection of the chicken cage is very particular. A suitable and tough material needs to be selected. The diameter of the wire at the bottom of the cage is about 2 mm. The egg breaking rate is small. The larger the wire diameter, the easier it is to cause broken eggs.


The above four points are the experience summed up by layer cage manufacturers. It is hoped that more poultry farmers can choose high-quality poultry farming equipment when purchase battery chicken cage system.

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