Disinfecting the battery cage system regularly is a vital step in the chicken farming process

The battery cage system in Uganda is a relatively new type of automatic chicken raising equipment in modern times. Compared with the traditional method of raising chickens, this kind of equipment has a higher survival rate of chickens and is easy to operate. At the same time, it also reduces the virus caused by the problem of the chicken itself. So the chicken cage system is a very good chicken raising equipment.


However, if we want to make the chicken raising equipment play its role more fully, we must first clean up the chicken raising equipment regularly, then the layer cage manufacturer will give you a detailed summary.


Proper sanitization should be done prior to introduction of new chickens, and each battery cage system should be idle for at least 2 weeks after sanitization and fumigation. The disinfection effect of chicken raising equipment is determined before the use of bactericidal drugs, not the disinfectants used. This is a relatively basic method that reduces the total number of pathogens and removes contamination from hidden pathogens.



After cleaning the layer cage equipment, after eliminating all the chickens in the house, remove the manure and sundries scattered inside and outside the automatic chicken raising equipment. Remove the remaining feed, and discard the unused feed. The feed trough and the feed box should be cleaned, and the residual feed attached to the bottom and four walls of the feed box must be removed to avoid becoming the source of disease infection. Movable equipment should be removed from the chicken equipment and cleaned, disinfected and irradiated with sunlight. Moving unsterilized equipment back to the chicken equipment will destroy the disinfection effect of the chicken equipment and cause re-contamination.


Preliminarily clean the layer cage equipment, rinse the ceiling, walls and windows with water, remove the attached dust, splashed sewage and dirt, and then mix it with all the litter on the ground, the litter scattered outside the chicken equipment, the feed room and outside the laying hen equipment. The garbage, weeds, etc. are transferred to a place far away from the chicken raising equipment to accumulate and ferment to make fertilizer. Wash chicken equipment walls and equipment with detergent-added water, let them soak for 2 hours, and then use high-pressure water. The parts of the equipment that need to be wiped should be wiped carefully, and the dead corners or important parts should be carefully wiped with a brush if necessary. Disinfect the chicken equipment when it is still wet after washing. Some disinfectants may remain in the chicken equipment. Therefore, after disinfection, it needs to be rinsed with clean water. If the previously used bactericide is formaldehyde, use a second fumigation. Close doors and windows when fumigating and disinfecting. Commonly used fumigants are formalin and potassium permanganate.


Here is the analysis of the disinfection content of battery cage equipment by layer cage manufacturers. I hope this section can help you solve some problems. If you have other questions, you can pay attention to our website.

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