Layer cage equipment manufacturers analyze the reasons for frequent chicken diseases

At present, the chicken industry is in good shape, especially in recent years, the emergence of various automatic chicken raising equipment for sale has accelerated the efficiency and benefit of chicken raising. Many users have joined the farming industry. However, many users have not mastered chicken raising technology, resulting in frequent occurrence of various diseases in breeding. It restricts the economic benefits of farmers. Next, the layer cage equipment manufacturer Great Wall Animal Husbandry will analyze the reasons for the frequent occurrence of chicken diseases in the process of raising chickens.



  1. Conditions for disease control are weak. Now there are many farms with the same scale, and the breeding techniques of many farmers are very different. Therefore, some farmers with inexperienced and poor technology have little ability to prevent and treat diseases, resulting in low disease control ability, resulting in frequent and easy occurrence of epidemic diseases.


  1. There is no concept of disease prevention. Many novice farmers have no idea that prevention is greater than cure. They think that prevention may lead to disease, but it is better to have good quality in a timely manner, resulting in often neglected disease prevention work in the production process. The use of automated poultry drinking systems in battery cage systemsfor sale allows chickens to immunize while drinking.


  1. Poor feeding environment. The environment of the chicken house determines the incidence of these many diseases. The breeding environment includes sanitary isolation conditions, field environment, environmental control ability in the house, breeding density, and the process of fecal and sewage treatment. In chicken farms with backward breeding environment, even if high-quality breeds, full-price feed, reasonable epidemic prevention measures, etc. are selected, the production level of chickens cannot be achieved, and at the same time, conditions are created for the frequent occurrence of diseases.


  1. The level of feeding and management is low. Whether the breeding and management techniques of farmers are good not only directly affects the performance of the flock, but also affects the resistance and disease resistance of the flock, which leads to the occurrence of epidemic diseases.



Poor feeding management includes many aspects, the more prominent ones are:


  1. Immunity is unscientific. Unreasonable immunization procedures, poor vaccine quality, improper vaccine selection, stress response and other reasons lead to immunization failure, resulting in the occurrence of infectious diseases.


  1. Unreasonable use of drugs. Abuse of antibiotics, inappropriate use of drugs, inappropriate methods of administration, and lack of attention to the interaction between drugs make the disease not controlled in time, and at the same time lead to the occurrence of some drug poisoning diseases;


  1. The problem of feed is prominent. Many farmers have problems such as unbalanced feed nutrient content, low feed nutrient concentration and low nutrient digestibility due to cognition, technology and other reasons in the production process, which not only causes poor production performance of chickens , waste of production costs, and also affects the resistance of chickens to diseases, causing nutritional metabolic diseases, various deficiencies and infectious diseases;


  1. There is no concept of disinfection: Many farmers have not implemented the work of disinfection of chicken houses, lack of necessary disinfection facilities, coupled with the poor environment of farmers' chicken houses, resulting in the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms and the occurrence and spread of epidemic diseases;


  1. The chickens have a serious stress response. In chicken production, due to improper management such as poor ventilation, water shortage, immunization, unreasonable lighting, etc.; environmental changes such as high temperature, noise, climate change and other factors lead to severe stress reactions, which affect the normal operation of chickens. Metabolism and immune response make it poor resistance, low production performance, and easy to cause various diseases.


The above is the reason for the frequent occurrence of chicken diseases in the process of breeding laying hens analyzed by the layer cage equipment manufacturer for the farmers. I hope the above description can bring some help to the farmers.

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