What should I do if the hens in the battery chicken cages do not lay eggs?

Poultry farming friends who use battery chicken cages to raise hens in the chicken coop. Free-range chicken farm breeders using meat and eggs. , if no eggs are laid, it is a great loss for the farmer. To this end, poultry equipment manufacturers will introduce the reasons and solutions for hens not laying eggs.


If the hens are just starting to lay eggs, it is easy to have misplaced eggs. In this case, the hens will have difficulty or no egg laying. At this time, the chicken breeder should assist the hen.

The specific method is: one person first grabs the hen's wings and thighs so that the chicken head is facing up and the chicken belly is facing out, then another person smears vegetable oil on the right finger, and then injects it into the coop cloaca to straighten the egg's position, then peel off the fallopian tube mucosa covering the surface of the egg, while slowly pressing the hen's abdomen with the left hand to squeeze out the remaining egg.



The above method is a treatment method that makes it difficult to lay eggs in the early stage of laying eggs. Usually, if the above methods are dealt with in an early stage, the problem of hens not laying eggs can be solved very well.

However, if the hen is not laying eggs and defecating frequently, the cloaca may be inflamed. At this time, the chicken breeder should feed the hens with oxytetracycline in the morning and evening, and at the same time wash the hen's cloaca with iodine dissolved in warm water, then turn the hen up and gently touch the hen's oviduct to help it return to its original state s position.

The above is the solution shared by poultry equipment manufacturers to deal with laying hens that do not lay eggs. Want to know more things about poultry farming. Please pay more attention to the website. You can also leave a message.

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